Wheat Flour

farina, wheat, flour, pizzaOur primary goal is to provide you the best quality flour, perfectly suited for every preparation.
Because your work, your passion and your recipes deserve the best.

Kosher certification

fried polenta, kosher certification, molino di borgo san dalmazzo Molino di Borgo San Dalmazzo's POLENTA is Kosher certified. But what does it actually means? What are the benefits of Kosher certification?


farina, wheat, flour, pizza A precious fruit from the earth, with a rich history. From traditional recipes to modern and creative dishes, rice can become a major player at any time of the meal, from appetizers to desserts!

A lovely soup

soup, beans, lentils, recipe In winter there is nothing better than a cup of steaming soup to warm up after a chilly day. Discover the recipe!


sottovuoto, vacuum-pack Vacuum-packed products from Molino di Borgo San Dalmazzo are protected from the outside and have a long expiration date: three years from the date of packaging!


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