Napoli: type 00 wheat flour – the pizza maker

The “Napoli” is a blend of five different grains, including Manitoba, coming from North America. Not all the grains are the same and flours derived therefrom have very different characteristics from each other. That’s why Molino di Borgo San Dalmazzo has created this fine blend, mid-length rising time, perfect for cooking Italian pizza. The Napoli flour is a real pizza maker!

Available packages:

1 kg – 5 kg – 10 kg – 25 kg
Technical details:
W: 280 – 310
P/L: 0,45 – 0,55
Rising time: 8 hours
Humidity max: 15,5%
Ash max: 0,55%
Dry gluten: 12,5%
Water absorption: 58% min.
Stability: 9 minutes min.